Small Strokes
  • Anikka Forbes

#TheLIC 👅Diaries: ‘Working Progress’ 👉🏾Final Edit of my 📗

I’m back going through my final edit of my book 📖 having not looked at it in over a mth 🙄 WHY because writing a (non-fiction) is not easy, it’s tiring, draining having to keep re-reading over and over, having to dig deep into your memory about certain things that you had locked 🔒 away and it’s very time consuming too... but writing has always been my 1st passion so I did not expect an easy-ride when I finally managed to move forward and start working on my 1st book 🙏🏾 - This is my baby 🍼 so I need to take my time and not rush it BUT at the same time I CANNOT FAIL and NEED to get it done ASAP so it’s Published in time ready to order in time for 🎄Christmas ‘2017🎄 so 👀Watch This Space ☺️ - Have A Blessed Sunday Peeps!!!

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