Small Strokes
  • Anikka Forbes

1st Official #BigBrother Application ✔️

Just tweeted this below...

“not that it will make a difference”

I am... and have always been a lover of big brother... but for whatever reason - their scared to have me in the house 🤨 Kmt!  

Their loss... but most def I’ve done applying and trying, obviously something else #reality is out there for me, so will continue to wait patiently. 🙏🤞🙏

• Tweet Below:

Look 👀 @BBAuditions @BBZoneUK @bbuk @BBUKGossip @endemolshineuk @endemolshine - 

Just came across my 1st ever #bigbrother #applicationform from back in #2003 when I was 22yrs old! 

Applied over 12times since then 🙄& still I cant get in the house!! 

#dedicated #stillwaiting 😏🤪😩#theydontwantme 🤷‍♀️ #yerisaidit  


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