Small Strokes
  • Anikka Forbes


Just had 1 of my housemate, cutie Alex give me these flowers picked from somewhere 🤣 but it’s the thought that counts and their different and lovely.

But it’s his way of saying;

Nicky, got 3 of my friends round in my room and I promise we WON’T make any noise 🤨

So I just had to pop in the room to say Hi to them all and warn them that I’ve got nothing but love for them all... but PLEASE don’t let me ‘switch’ into a Bitch!!!!

I don’t want to hear ANY DOORS slamming because it goes straight through the brain 🧠 and I will start cussing and getting mad 😡 and don’t want to do that... so just have respect for the house and remember it’s nearly mid-night and I have to wake up at 5am for work.

Thanks guys and see you soon...x

I’m praying 🙏 they will behave 🤦‍♀️ but we will see!!!

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