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#About2011 - Last Birthday Celebration with my Nan.x

Good Afternoon Mi Lovlies...

As I'm at home continuing to work on my Chapter 7 based around '2011 for my Book;

'The Journey of a Hidden Princess: A British Lady's Path to Discovery of Her African Royal Bloodline'

I came across this video, which I've just watched for the 1st time... I completely forgot I had this! The same way I write my Diaries is no different to any video footage I've recorded over the years... meaning I write and record but never do I go back and read or watch anything, it may sound weird but its true.

So I am literally a first time reader or viewer of my material and this video is just 1 of many which I'm sure I will share with you all.

This was to be the last birthday that I would spend with my Nan back in March '2011... because she passed away 10mths later on my birthday 12th Jan '2012. 5yrs already, wow... I know she would have been proud of me and is watching over me from above.

I will forever be thankful for the care and help from all the staff at Castlebar in Sydenham Hill, SE26 (her 2nd Nursing Home) for all that you done for her and to Val (carer) for also becoming a great friend to my Nan and me too during her time there.

From me and my Nan... Thank You.x

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