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#TheLIC 👅Diaries: "What Happens In The Dark... ALWAYS Comes 2 Light"!!! 😏

Fri 29th Sep '17: 01:10am and I cannot BELIEVE the email that I have just received from my Editor helping me with my Upcoming Book!!! 

Just when I thought my so-called FORBES family couldn't get any worse, my Mum has read my 'Press Kit' and is calling me a LIAR 🤥 WTF!!! 

Really... all I can do is SMH and say "On My Life" EVERYTHING is TRUE, I've no reason to lie about my Upbringing. Simple!!!  


Dear Ms Guice I am writing to you with regards to the recent exert from a book which you are due to publish called The Hidden Journey of a Hidden Princess by Anikka Forbes. 

I am Valerie Forbes the birth mother of Anikka and I would like to express my deep concern that she has mentioned my name in this so called book. 

I have not been in contact with Anikka and have not given her any permission whatsoever to mention my name in a book let alone write about my mother who died nearly 6 years ago so cannot defend herself from such awful disgusting allegations. Ms V Forbes 

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