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WEAK Men... within Construction!!! 🤦🏾‍♀️

I’ve just got off the phone to my superb, real man aka Dad... who told me I sound chirpy, having just explained today’s scenario with him.

This morning my super, weak of a Construction Manager aka Courtney from ‘WD’ informed me that my services are no-longer required... due to (in my 👀’s) basically being intimidated by me for being direct, outspoken and honest... plus unable to handle the fact that I am a Strong, Lady ✊🏽who is no push-over and someone he couldn’t control!!!  🤫

So, in order for him to feel like he was in Control 🙄 he ended my contract!!! 🤪

No ‘WEAK’ man in my opinion is a Leader, only a joker 🤡 who gets no Respect from me! #YerISaidIt 👊🏾 

Like my Dad said... “Only Real Men Can Handle Strong Females” 👊🏾

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