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Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Sharing some of my experiences during 2017! #nickydiaries #thelic #nickydiaries2017



WED 27th DEC ‘2017: 

Received this unexpected 😍 🤩🤗beautiful message from my precious cuzie Z... all the way from Niga. I can’t believe it’s only been over a year since we both meet from my 1st time out in Nigeria! 🇳🇬

You’d think we’d known each other for years as the moment we meet... we were just inseparable.

Though were cousin’s... she’s also like the little sister that I always wanted but never had, who I can talk to, help, laugh and most of all who she can confide in too.  My Princess Z 👸🏾.

Miss and love her lots and look forward to seeing her next year by God’s Grace.🙏🏾

I 💚 you... thank you for your 😘 #Love 



20th DEC ‘2017:

I am fortunate to have these 4 beautiful nieces and nephews who I love and adore to the max.  My sister in-law has been truly blessed with them all and I am proud of them all. 😍😍😍😍

They all have their own personalities and I think when your a parent of 1 of each (boy and a girl) you have the best of both worlds... but when you are blessed with 2 of each, that is where you can see how much they differ to how much they are alike!

I call them my Welsh Babies... because they are from the valleys in South Wales and their a unique mix of both Caucasian and Mixed-Race.

You can see how strong their mums genes are as they all resemble each other and when I look at this picture it just makes me SMILE ☺️😘🤗

Children are a true Blessing... and I am a Proud Aunty to them all.  Look forward to seeing them soon.xxxx



MON 18th DEC ‘2017:

Amen for seeing another day🙏🏾. I should be at work 🙄 ‘keeping busy and making money’ but instead I’m back being a ‘Lady of Leisure’ for the remaining few wks of 2017, b4 I start my new, fab contracted job 💃🏾👊🏾🙏🏾

I am fortunate enough to always land on my feet with new ‘DC’ work even more better when I’m being paid “my worth” in an hourly rate for the job that I’m doing 😛.

Plus I’m very happy to finish the year with a new well known ‘Agent’ Representing me within the Entertainment Industry.

I hope with this new added help/assistance I will have more unexpected, exciting opportunities come my way and ready to welcome them with open arms. 🤗

Working from the comfort of the bed, with a lovely scenery of nature, trees and birds in my view as I continue to work on my personal projects and applying for opportunities away from Construction!

This quote today that I found... says it all, you can’t fully appreciate life without hardship, struggle and overcoming them!

That is a real star ✨🌟✨in my eyes and I am one of them 🤪 it’s all about #selflove and also #believinginyourself because how can anyone expect others to believe... if you don’t 👉🏾Believe👈🏾

May 2018 be my best year to date, with my upcoming 1st 📖 Book in the making, new opportunities, continued great health and ability plus great financial stability.

🙏🏾Amen, Amen, Amen🙏🏾




DEC 9th ‘2017:

It’s 06:56am having not long got in from being at my friends ‘home warming’ get-to-gether along with my cuzies and it was nothing but nice, chilled vibes with plenty joke... the way it should be.  

Real mixing with real minus any (bad energy,  complaining or just dam toxic and draining vibes... “No Thank You”

It was a good mixture of male and females a total of abou 14-18 peeps, playing board games... which I kept refusing to play🤪 but yet I was making up noise, about how long they were all taking to start!🙄

Munched a ‘chicken wing’ it was alright and music in the background, even better.💃🏾

I can put my hand on heart and say how much I admire my three cousins (sisterly) relationship 😍... Like all siblings I’m sure they have their moments.  But no matter what they have always been tight/close and now they all have kids, its beautiful.

How unique is it that these 3 sisters have kids in this order;

• Eldest (Aint): x2 girls

• Middle (Claire): x3 boys

• Last (Sabrina): 1 of each

I always knew from when claire had her youngest, sister would have one of each.👌🏾

Last but not least... I love these yummy mummy cuzies and our friend Tanya. Proud of u ALL and may 2018 be a truly blessed and superb year... like never b4. Amen 🙏🏾😘🙏🏾😘🙏🏾😘🙏🏾😘

Ladies learn not to FOLLOW, but instead 💚love your own individual uniqueness, look, face, shape and stop trying to look like someone else.  

“An Original Is Priceless and a copy remains the same” #anikkaforbes 

This quote is to salute all Females but most of all my super, blessed ‘ladies of colour’ because without US the world would not know about natural shapes, curves, lips and arse!!! #yerisaidit #true #beyourself 

It’s now 07:50am and I’m going to sleep 😴 Have a blessed and safe wkend.🎄



SEP 10th ‘2017:

How adorable is this ✍🏾and how lucky am I🤗. My 7yr old niece has written in her own diary 📚'twice' mentioning me and showing nothing but love for her #auntynicky 😍 ✨THANK YOU✨

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