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#TheLIC 👅Diary: With 💚Love💚

Wed 27th Dec ‘2017: 

Received this unexpected 😍 🤩🤗beautiful message from my precious cuzie Z... all the way from Niga. I can’t believe it’s only been over a year since we both meet from my 1st time out in Nigeria! 🇳🇬

You’d think we’d known each other for years as the moment we meet... we were just inseparable. Though were cousin’s... she’s also like the little sister that I always wanted but never had, who I can talk to, help, laugh and most of all who she can confide in too.  My Princess Z 👸🏾.

Miss and love her lots and look forward to seeing her next year by God’s Grace.🙏🏾

I 💚 you... thank you for your 😘 #Love 

#AnikkaForbes #love #Cousin #Message #Family #Us #Life #Dec2017

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