• Anikka Forbes

Thank You 😘 #Dad & my Beaut #StepMum

13.01.2018:  I thank my living God for reuniting us back together, but for blessing me with regular contact, quality time, memories and priceless moments... with my 1 & only precious Dad 💚😍🙌🏾☺️

Only he knows how much I thought about, missed  and wanted a normal  #fatheranddaughter relationship... that was the 1 gift in life that I craved so much for too many years!!! 

Until 2015 when my #dream became reality I have loved spending every moment of good times and quality time with him and my superb 💯 step-mum.xxx #IAmBlessed 🙌🏾

Love my Card & 💷🙏🏾


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