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I am sharing my appreciation & thanks to those who have surprised me with cute, lovely and delicious unexpected gifts over the years. From companies, family, housemates, friends, work colleagues & men, I want to say 💋 Thank You 🤗



SUN 6th AUG ‘2023

I’ve just seen via 1 of my #tiktok accounts that #kyliejenner liked my comment from back in #2022 on 24th Oct ‘2022. Unexpected #thankyou



FRI 4th AUG ‘2023

Wow, wow, wow! I still cannot get my head around the fact I have x3 piece on the #SaatchiGallery - none of this would have been possible without out Amazing, angel of a teacher, who is a SUPERB Artist. Thank you Mel 😘


Our AMAZING Teacher & Artist Mel 💎🥇 ⤵️

The Curator, Zavier Ellis who choose my I AM QUEEN as the piece of art that he loved… like 🫣 how is that possible!!! #thankful

I Am Queen | 1 of my 3 pieces of Artwork. This is the piece the Curator, Zavier commented on.☺️ ⤵️

My precious Cuzie B, who introduced me to this Art class back in July, ‘2020. Thank you & ❤️🔥 u. ⤵

This was the original I AM QUEEN, until I painted over it! ⤵️

Another one of my pieces on the Saatchi Gallery ⤵️



TUES 27th JUNE ‘2023

I have just seen this video from about 2wks ago, taken when I was on my break! So cute... thank you again guys. 🌹




TUES 21st FEB ‘2023

This person ALWAYS spoils me with chocolates whenever they pass by to see me; he is such a sweetie and a cheeky little 😈 too. Good People!



THURS 12th JAN ‘2023

Made my day, so sweet and unexpected to have said “Happy Birthday” when I walked through the barrier 🥳





1st DEC ‘2019

At work (night security) on one of the HS2 Project’s and I just my sweet and lovely work colleague who surprised me with a box of delicious chocolates! 🤗 A true gent!

Thank u so much Eric for thinking of me! 💋

#thankyou #chocolates #atwork #saturday #aboutyesterday



8th OCT ‘2019

I just received this lovely unexpected gift...

from Mr lB-I-LICIOUS man.

Thank you for the lovely perfume by Roberto Cavalli.

#thankyou #gift #perfume #HS2



29th AUG ‘2019

Yesterday while checking out Twitter I saw this Tweet from Chloe from (TOWIE) responding to someone who just wants to spread negativity. Kmt!!!


I don’t watch TOWIE really, but my only TOP fav ladies from it are Chloe Sims, Gemma Collins and Amy Childs 💁‍♀️


I responded to the Tweet (as shown above) to let her know to NOT entertain them... though I know myself and I’d probably (bite back to) at the haters 😏


Anyway I got a notification to say... Chloe had ‘liked’ my tweet and so I’m dedicating this blog post to her to say;


“Thank You 4 The Like” 


And again #ImAFan 💯


#thankyou #towie #chloesims #twitter #today #like #imafan #haters



27th AUG ‘2019

Just had 1 of my housemate, cutie Alex give me these flowers picked from somewhere 🤣 but it’s the thought that counts and their different and lovely.


But it’s his way of saying;


Nicky, got 3 of my friends round in my room and I promise we WON’T make any noise 🤨


So I just had to pop in the room to say Hi to them all and warn them that I’ve got nothing but love for them all... but PLEASE don’t let me ‘switch’ into a Bitch!!!!


I don’t want to hear ANY DOORS slamming because it goes straight through the brain 🧠 and I will start cussing and getting mad 😡 and don’t want to do that... so just have respect for the house and remember it’s nearly mid-night and I have to wake up at 5am for work.


Thanks guys and see you soon...x


I’m praying 🙏 they will behave 🤦‍♀️ but we will see!!!

#thankyou #flowers #today #27082019 #hov #housematesofvariety #sweet #rightnow



2nd AUG ‘2019

Yesterday when I received this daily prayer while at work... I was thinking about all the times God has shown his presence in my life! 💯


Then on th way home I stopped into a shop, brought something for £2 and handed the man £10... why when I checked my change had he given me back £18 🙏


I could have told him he over changed me... but I don’t believe things like that ‘happen by mistake’ but because it’s an extra blessing and I simply said;


Thank You God ☺️... give thanks everyday





Then Moses said, "Now show me your glory."Exodus 33:18, NIVTODAY'S WORD:Moses was talking to God and said,

“God, show me Your glory.”

God responded by saying, in effect, “Okay, Moses. I’ll show it to you, but you can’t see My face. The way you’ll know that I’ve been here is that you will see My goodness.” 


Whenever something good happens, large or small, God is saying,

“That’s a sign of My presence.”

If you’re seeing goodness in your life, you’re seeing God. You’re seeing a sign of His presence. I’m convinced that we see God at work all day long, but many times we don’t recognize it. Today, be on the lookout for God’s goodness.

Thank Him and praise Him for the little things as well as the big things. As you acknowledge His goodness, you’ll see Him more clearly and know His love in ways you never have before.


Father, thank You for Your goodness and faithfulness in my life. Show me Your glory; show me Your love. Help me to see You and know You more every day in Jesus’ name. Amen. 

#01082019 #thankyou #god #gift #today #givethanks #greatful



1st MAY ‘2019

10yrs ago today my mum sent me this message on Fri 1st May ‘2009:

Mum sent me a cute text saying;


“I love my Nicky, my pretty likkle Nicky

and my Nicky loves me.”


Ahh, think that’s her way of saying she’s glad I’m back on the endz. Plus she'll have her eldest two children down the road... living 'next door' to each other!

©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes

#movinghome #penge #catford #thanks #mum #cute #poem #loveit #privaterenting #happy #motown #01052009



23rd FEB ‘2019

#aboutyesturday 💚 Fri 23rd Feb ‘2019... I am grateful and thankful to the superb charity ‘Smartworks’ in West London.


They help and provide clothes for Interviews for all females who need 121  assistance, advice and reassurance... even more for those that have not been to an interview in years.


Whatever your situation... all you need is a referral, and they are there to welcome you with open hands 🤲 


I was excited to be attending my appointment... so when I arrived, the excitement raised to another level. 


I felt so happy and at ease, knowing these ladies would help me find the correct suit and white shirt 👔 and they did.


I LOVE my #hobbs #green lining suit and my #burberry shirt 👊 I get to return once my interview is over and done with for a 2nd outfit. 


THANK YOU All... you are all superb and will be inquiring about volunteering there too. What a magnificent Charity. 

#thankyou #smartworks #clothes #interview #westlondonoffice #referral #happy #suit #hobbs #burberryshirt #knightsgroup #2202 #22022019 #February #2019 #friday #AnikkaForbes


YEAR 2018



14th NOV ‘2018:

I received these unexpected beautiful flowers yesterday (Tues 13th Nov) afternoon from the man I’m ‘mingling’ with ☺️


Like many men... he is not one for expressing himself with words, which is my greatest thing because i find it easier to share what I’m feeling, thinking etc. with exactly that... words!!!


At the end of the day... everyone is different. 


Would you believe me if I told you that big, grown, men have told me that they were abit intimidated when they first meet me 🤷‍♀️TRUST ME... I was shocked and pleasantly surprised because it wasn’t anything negative but positive like;


“Wow... ok! So that’s how your going on”    


Lol, I don’t know what it is!!! 


Anyway whatever the reason/gesture behind him giving me flowers as a gift... I’m not complaining. ☺️


 It was a beautiful, unexpected and much appreciated surprise and Thank You again.😘 F.A.W 🤗


#flowers #thelicphotography #faw #131118 #anikkaforbes #words #men #unexpected #surprise



6th AUG ‘2018

I’ve not worn a pair in a #long while...  Loving my #gift 🙌 lovely @moschino #black #colours #yellow #pink #blue #green #purple #orange  😬

#rightnow #peekaboo 😎 The #LadyOfLeisure 😉##me is chillin In the #garden wearing #sunglasses 😎an #unexpected #present (I received) at the #wkend 💚


THANK U | ‪@ItsEliOyefeso‬

18th MARCH ‘2019

Wow... I have just had this young man Elijah follow me and message me about (something) that has been of enormous interest to me for the last few years... TRADING


I’ve done a little trading, trying to teach myself through companies like;


• One, Two Trade


• Binary


Left, right and centre, I’ve been having various companies emailing, calling me asking me to join their ‘Trading Teams’ where I can learn and earn at the same time. 


But because I’m more than aware that there are so many SCAMs wanting you to invest £250 or more (funds I don’t have spare) at this moment in time... plus even if I did, I wouldn’t want to join a company that I am not 💯 sure about or if they are legit.


Anyway, Elijah and I have just been exchanging messages... he sent me his link explaining more about his (zero to flying high) life change and not looking back... plus I looked at his website too.


God is Great... that I know, and he is the only one who knows how much I need/want to get my teeth into the Trading Industry while learning from the CERTIFIED BEST who wish to teach, train others and welcome you onto their team.


Then out of nowhere, Elijah followed me and made contact (what is the chance of that); the answer is... it wasn’t by chance!!!

My fabulous God has brought him my way because he is listening to me when I talk to him and answering my prayers by sending (great, likeminded) people my way.


🙏Amen, Amen, Amen 🙏 


Though I can’t join his team right now... as I have nothing 🙄😏😩 to invest, TRUST ME, I’m 💯💯💯💯 want to join, learn and earn (slowly, slowly) by God's Grace 🙏


Then I can continue having my Book #hiddenprincess re-edited professionally and get it published before the year is over!


This is my MAIN ACHIEVEMENT for this year, 2019... Published Author soon.🤞


So watch this space 😉


HUGH shout-out again to you, Elijah... you’ve given me a new (ray of light) and feeling positive; I just need to continue with my 🤦‍♀️Positive Thinking (easier said than done) with the ‘Law of Attraction method


 (ask, believe, receive) 


I know one day, my struggles, hardship and many lows... will come to an end.

I need to continue being patient, stay focused and be prepared to ‘take a ‘small risk’ on something I know I am meant to do.


#LADYOFVARIETY (all day, every day)

#today #somethingnew #ladyofvariety #ItsEliOyefeso #elijahoyefeso #learning #earning #new #takearisk #twitter #followsme #help #godisgreat #thankyou #amen #anikkaforbes #2019 #1803 #publishedauthorsoon #fingerscrossed #byGodsgrace




I thank my living God for reuniting us back together, but for blessing me with regular contact, quality time, memories and priceless moments... with my 1 & only precious Dad 💚😍🙌🏾☺️

Only he knows how much I thought about, missed and wanted an average #fatheranddaughter relationship... that was the one gift in life that I craved so much for too many years!!! 

Until 2015 when my #dream became a reality, I have loved spending every moment of good times and quality time with him and my superb 💯 #IAmBlessed 🙌🏾

Love my Card & 💷🙏🏾




YEAR '2017

THANKS 4 The Chocolates.🤗

NOV 7th ‘2017:

The L.I.C (Lady in Control) @work Is VERY Grateful for these lovely but naughty #DairyBox from the lovely 😘Mark Thorne @CMB 💚 my on-Site Project with my superb team under 👉🏾Courtney Edwards 👈🏾 & all the Subbies. #WillmottDixon 

Thank you.

#anikkaforbes #Chocolate #site #Construction

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