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#TheLIC 👅 Diary #AboutLastNight 👈🏾

What a fab night I had with my #BFF aka #PartnerInCrime 🤭🤣 of nearly 7yrs!!!   

From the moment I touched base in west-London to start a fresh... he took me under his wing, introduced me to his family, friends and associates from his (born and breed) endz in Ladbroke Grove and the rest is history! 👊🏾

For anyone that knows him... can tell you that this man has a heart of gold, is hellerious, real, talented, and more... as well as a headache 🤯, a has mad me vex 🤣 many times but one thing is for sure (Real knows Real) 👊🏾

Best friends ‘keep it real’ fall out but always reconnect and though EVERYONE that he has ever introduced me too (Male) to this day cannot get their head around two people of the oppersite sex being nothing more than friends... who have the upmost respect for 1 another 😉.

He is the envy of majority men... whenever we’re out and about because they wish they had a Lady like me (except) their wanting more than friendship 🙄. 

I know my #BFF loves me to the world and back... as I do him and I’m soooooooo proud of the greatness that is coming his way because he has (like many) had his fair share of hardship, struggles and more! 

There is nothing you can’t do... if you want to change your life for the better and he is the prime example 💯and I know 2018 onwards will be the BEST ever life for him and he deserves it all. God 🙏🏾knows. #Amen

Check us out this time last year on ITVs Judge Rinder 😜 (in 3 parts) via the links below; 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 

💚 you Christian... thank you 4 the great night out yesterday 😘

#bessiemate #female #christianroberts

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