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28.02.2018: This Quote is so true!!! I can’t help writing... though I don’t write ‘daily’ (like I use too) it doesn’t matter, because I have so much written material in the form or diaries and school letters to me it is all priceless. I’m still on my never ending journey of writing my 1st Diary Book Memoir, which is such a challenge for me because I am reflecting on the past (with no regrets) because it was all part of my destiny and everything happens for a reason! I can confirm #Fact that I will be changing the Title of my Book from; ✨The Journey Of A Hidden Princess: A British Lady’s Path to. Discovery of Her African Royal Bloodline✨ Because I think (as fab as it is) its just too much of a mouthful... plus my Nigerian History is not / was not... meant to be the main point of my memoir, just a chapter in the book! Do I know what the new Title of my Book will be... YES I DO but I will not be revealing it this time until it’s 💯good to go, all I’ll say is it’s simple, to the point and a big thank you to ‘Mo’ for giving me the nick-name... to which I thought was PERFECT to use as my new Title. 🤗 Now back to my ‘working progress’ of a book. 🙏🏾 #HappyWednesday

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