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Happy #90th 😘Nan... Cheers 🥂2 You, in Heaven.xXx

Precious Last Quality Time with my Nan: 6th Jan ‘2012

01.03.2018: Today, had she still been alive 😔 my nan (mums side) would have been celebrating her 90th birthday today.Xxx I have just found a footage that I recorded from my Nan... on Fri 6th Jan ‘2012, 6days before she passed away and it breaks my heart 💔 to know that I didn’t record this last moment for longer. 😢 By Monday 9th Jan she’d been admitted to hospital for a urine infection, I went to visit her on Tues 10th & Wed 11th to tell her I wouldn’t be coming on Thursday because it would be my birthday... so I’d be back on Friday! But o I can’t believe it’s 6yrs since she passed away on my 31st Birthday, a day that I will NEVER forget and cherish every year... because only she and my fabulous God I now how much she meant to me and how thankful, grateful and happy I am to have got to know her, spend quality time with her and have so many priceless memories of our time together over the last 10yrs of her life... living within a Nursing Home. No matter her bad, wicked, and unkind treatment towards me in my younger years growing up, I understand, forgave (years ago) but obviously will never forget and have no regrets about anything because no one is ‘perfect’ There is always a deep story behind every person that’s (Cold, Mean, Wicked & Reserved) - No one is born ‘BAD’ it’s what stems from their childhood that affects them and makes them what they are #Fact 

Nan, Hope You Had A Splendid Day in Heaven... Love U & Miss U Lots.X

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