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#TheLIC 👅Diaries: Self Elevation 🤔

Noun. self-elevation (countable and uncountable, plural self-elevations) (of a person or group) elevation of oneself in one's own mind. Humility and care for others are the important qualities lacking in our self-preoccupations and self-elevations. ————————————


Fri 6th April 2018: @03:17am (when I should be sleeping) 😂 My brain (as always) is doing too much thinking i.e. life, my book 🙄 and ideas in general! ~

A #selfevaluation just popped into my head 💭asking “is there a  difference between Anikka aka Nicky” i.e. me🤔 ~  I’m know as either one or the other... few know me as both... ~  Anikka:  Is the ambitious, hardworking lady aka #TheLIC when it comes to working within the construction industry 👊 - She is a workaholic who is dedicated 💯with passion and drive within the Entertainment Industry! ~ 

An ‘open book’ within the world of the internet plus social media 🤳 but then when (out of work) not actively having to wake up at 05.30am everyday... that’s when Nicky arrives! 🤦‍♀️🤐🤭🤪 ~ Nicky:  Is the rebel, straighter taker, realist who has drive with her main passion #writing 📝 but unfortunelty gets ‘bored’ easily. ~ 

So instead of sticking to 1 project at a time... b4 moving to the next - she’s juggling working on a few writing/audio projects 🤯. A caring person who will always offer helpful, advice or an ear... but doesn’t entertain faker’age or holds any prisoners! ~ 

Oh yer and it’s her who Loves 🛌 ‘sleeping and dreaming’ 🙄 too much!!!   Some say she thinks she knows it all... that’s not true. Lol ~  The #LOL aka ‘lady of leisure’ is how she refers to herself when out of work... as well as a #LOV aka ‘Lady of Variety’ 🙌 - Throughout the tribals and tribulations... she has always remained a ‘Grafter, who is True 2 Herself and Real. ~  Slowly but surely overcoming her years of feeling (not worthy and like damaged-goods) #true - There is only 1 me but most def a difference between Anikka aka Nicky!  #RealTalk #YerISaidIt


• Can u relate?

• What do u think of - self elevation?

Let me know your thoughts!


Thank you in advance.x

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