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#Karaoke 🎤’Jean Carn’ with 🤣 FAN’esha -  : 💃

Song: “Don’t Let It Go 2 Ur Head” ——————————————————— FAN’esha 👆is a no.1 music 🎶 lover... who only made a random appearance 🧐👏 for the 1st time, last night 🤫 - I think she resemble that female (Gremlin) named ‘Greta’ (pic below) 😂Lmfao!!!  I 💚 it... 🙌 There’s no limits to my, creative, off-key 🤦‍♀️, mad Gyal 🤨ways #noshame 🤷‍♀️🙄 ~ If it makes u laugh, have fun, puts a smile on ur face and makes u happy☺️... then I say “BRING IT ON... mate” - Singing along to tunes, from the comfort of my sofa 🛋  while entertaining YOU.🤪  Any ‘song requests’ you’d like (FAN’esha)  to play and sing-along too... Leave A Message via this blog & let me know 😉 LIKE ~ SHARE & SUBSCRIBE Thank you in advance.x

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