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SO Happy & In-Love 😍with‪ @khloekardashian ‬perfect & blessed #BabyGirl 🙏

Happy 1mth Stunner.... #True 💖

12.05.2018: @17:12pm - I have just been ‘doing as u do’ looking through #instagram and the first new post that presented it self to me was 😩 the worlds 1st introduction to #KhloeKardashian’s baby girl - OMG, isn’t she just eatable and delicious 🤤💖👏.

She out of all her beautiful sisters is the one I know has yernd to have a baby for the longest time... but only god knows that none of the men in her life back then were meant to create a child with her, it was always meant to be #tristanthompson REGARDLESS of him doing what most men 🙄do #cheat #messabout they can’t help it!!!

It doesn’t change the fact that God has allowed them to create a precious, priceless, life together which NOONE can come between or ever break! 🙌 True will be her first and foremost priority and everything else second...  

We as females need to flip the script and do to #men as they do to use 👊 simple... then they will see and feel the hurt and pain they have put u through!!!

So if they #fuck #kiss someone else... you go and do the same (no matter how much u may not want to) YOU SHOULD... and make sure he finds out too, that way u have both donesomething u shouldn’t have and if he can’t handle it... tell him to; 

“Move on” 

Because had he not messed about in the first place... then You wouldn’t have either!!! #YerISaidIt

Khloe... you stay strong babe though I know ur family are 💯 behind you... “everyone deserves a second chance” so if you think 🤔 Tristran is then go for it, but don’t just stay together if u don’t believe he is #worthyofyou 👈 CONGRATULATIONS again from a #London #Fan #Admirer and #Supporter ~ #1Love to u and baby #True 😍

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