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Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Sharing godly quotes, psalms and prayers that are meaningful and uplifting. 🙏Amen🙏


YEAR | 2022


17th JULY ‘2022:

WOW, it's incredible stories like this that make me know... God Is In Control!

No doctors, no opinions, no non-believers or anyone can tell a female that she will not / can not have a child because of her age!

These women aged 60+ are the prime example that YES, YOU CAN.

Obviously, having a child so late in life isn't for many as being at these extra-mature ages, they should be taking it easy not becoming responsible for a fresh new life 😵 but God said YES, he is blessing them with a child! We are all gods creation; he is us, whether you believe it or not... HE decides on giving you life.

The only control you have is deciding whether to Keep ✅ or Not ❌, and that is it! #fact

Anyway, enough of me speaking and watching this fantastic FB video...

God Bless Them All. Amen

CLICK LINK ⬇️ (mothers aged 60+) ⬇️



YEAR | 2018


22nd OCT ‘2018

@17:40pm - Just when I thought the last few days couldn’t get anymore better... I woke today (amen) with fabulous news from an ex-work colleague/friend. 🙏


A late 20s, young man from Pakistan 🇵🇰 who is hard-working and it was a PLEASURE working with him on a past project... within the Construction Industry


Unfortunately he had run into trouble... which took him on an adventure around Europe for 9mths and thank god, he has made it back!!! 


I couldn’t be happier 👏for him as he has not had it easy but god knows... he is a beautiful hearted man, who is hardworking and just wants a good, happy life here in #london 


I hope from here onwards life is great for him and he NEVER has to go through... all that he did this last mth, ever again. Amen 🙏 


Give Thanks Everyday ☺️



GOD 🙏 (ALL DAY, EVERYDAY) #verseoftheday 🙌

THURS 4th OCT ‘2018

@15:04pm - I don’t follow any #religion nor am I a preacher!!!  But I know... there is only 1 who really; 


• Knows me


• Tests me


• Is there for me


• Listens to me


• Challenges me


• Can judge me 


Etc. and that is... the one and only #god ✔️ 


Which Have U Chosen?  




What else is there to say... except “I couldn’t have said it better, myself” to sum up the last 4mths of being a #LadyofLeisure due to looking 4 something (new) from my usual contracted #work 🙄that suited me 👈 


Now its been delivered to me and I am VERY happy and working on a fab new project 🏗 and superb team. 😬


🙏Amen, Amen, Amen 🙏 


Thank 😘 You👆


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