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#Construction making History (4me) Anyway!!!

WOW... In my 13yrs contracting NEVER have I seen so many ‘men of colour’ at all Management Levels on 1 Project!!! 👊 Slowly but Surely the Construction 🚧 Industry is 👉changing👈 with fab diversity and about time. This is a FANTASTIC Project and the Team, labourers and all are superb... all sites shoul lead by example by this job which proves #ethnicityisnobarrier 🤛 BUT more females... needed too!!! You have to be a strong, firm, down to Earth female who is not phased by men of any age, race, size or position... in order to succeed! I wasn’t given the alias name back in 2011 ‘The Lady In Control’ aka #TheLIC for no reason!!! Lol 😋 Anyone whose worked with me... knows I’m fair BUT;

“I take no prisoners” mate and definitely no foolishness... from ANY man!!! #YerISaidIt #LoveTheBlackness🖤 #FemaleInConstruction 🛠

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