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#LoveDem ~ I Could Eat Her... 😍 @___avarose 🖤

No... I don’t know this beautiful baby girl but I saw her pic (as you do) while looking through @instagram and I was just like Awwwwwwww 😩look at that likkle face 😍 

Even though I (liked and commented) on the pic... it wasn’t enough, I wanted to share it because ALL #BABIES are precious, blessings from God 🙏 and l love them all.

So every Sunday I am going to post a #blog called #lovedem dedicated to babies & toddlers all around the 🌍 who I wish I could eat, lol - kiss and hold 🙌

Keep up the great work @blackmomsblog

Send me a pic of your baby/toddler and I’ll #LoveDem too 😍

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