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@TheLIC-Diaries👅: #BlackGirlsDoCry 😳

CLICK👇LINK BELOW: to read article @anikkaforbes ~ Black Girls Don’t Cry (review) The first thought that came to my head when I saw/read the title of this story on #twitter was; “Really, ohhh 😮 YES we do” It doesn’t matter your Colour / Ethnicity / Gender or Age - we as human beings all cry... but then I read the first few lines of the story and saw that the title was in reflection of this #trending topic that people ‘celebs’ have been talking about and sharing their experiences! 👉MENTAL HEALTH👈 This is where I agree that #blackgirls don’t cry in public - it’s something done behind closed doors... how do I know? Because I WAS one of those silent criers for many years from my childhood... straight through to my late 20’s!!! But I’m going to leave it there because more will be spoken about this #mentalhealth in a chapter or two from my “working-progress” #book called; #HiddenPrincess  When I finally get to accomplish this project... something that I always knew I wanted to do from my mid-teens - write a book 📖 (though back then) I had no clue WHAT I’d be writing about... but I knew becoming an #author was something I was meant to do, i day! 🙏 

I know nothing worth doing... should be rushed 💯so for anyone of those 😏 i.e. #badminded #redeye #haters #fakers and #pretenders who think 🤔 I’m 

“All Chat... And No Action” Time 🤪will tell and I know for a FACT... you will be 1 of the first ones to buy my #book to read!!! 🤣 #yerisaidit 🙄 

Enjoy... 🙏💚😉👌

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