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Updated: Jan 15

Sat 13th Oct ‘2018: @12:26pm

Today is 1 of my #welshbabies birthdays and she is 5yrs old. A real little madam, too clever and I’m sure will be more than a handful 🤦‍♀️ as she gets older!!!

Don’t know WHEN/IF I’ll ever see my niece or nephew again... due to them having 1 of those #mums who uses their kids as #punishment for telling them some #hometruths about their #personalhygeine 😏

I think thercan is nothing worse than any #parent stopping their #aunt from being able to see them, have them for the wkend/wk - but hey thank god they won’t be kid forever and if their Mum hasn’t #poisoned their minds against me... then we will meet again!

If not, then I’m greatful for the few years that I saw them and will treasure all the footage, pics that I have of them... even more!

I hope she likes her #card and #pillow with her personalised name on it - If given to her because who knows, the Mum could #bin it and make out like I don’t care 🤷‍♀️ and not sent anything!!

Wishing u a superb day my little sweetness and my god keep you safe, sound and protected always. 🙏 #amen

#today #1 #niece #happybirthday #5 #loveyou #welshbaby

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