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#Forbes 🖤

Introducing Dee to the Famous Georges 🐟 and chip shop 😉

#Forbes - Me and my new 😘Cuzie. I 👀 a resemblance!!!

Me and my new Cuzie 👇

Cuzie and Me👇

Cuzie, Dee and Christian

Sun 21st Oct: @03:14am WOW, Wow, wow... the 🌏 is TOO small!!! Would u believe me if I said... “what a fabulous, unexpected, good vibes and music with Karaoke 🎤 too” night its been BUT that wasn’t what topped it off... WHY... literally as the pub was closing did I find out that this Beautiful, TALENTED Singer that I’d seen throughout the evening chilling and singing on the Karaoke... was my COUSIN!!! 💁‍♀️ My (Bessie mate) Christian had been talking to her... he mentioned he was out with me and my friend Dee and that he’d introduce us. Anyway I found out her alias name was ‘Dimples’ aka Nat. Which is crazy as 1 of my old friends that I went school with and lived together for a while was also called Nat aka ‘Dimples’ - how random is that!!! Anyway I was telling her how Fab her voice is... then asked her why she’d not applied for Xfactor or anything!!! So told me why and I told her that it didn’t matter... if anything it was a great 👍 thing because she had a ‘story’ behind (how she discovered she could sing) I know it, when I see it... real, raw, talent within a person that has had their fair share of trails and tribulations - and came out stronger but still lacking belief and self confidence in their natural talent! And my new Cuzie... who I’ve known for less than 3hrs is one of these people... but it’s all good because I AM going to try and make her ✨SHINE✨ brightly because she is more than worthy. #yerisaidit 💯 We were about to exchange numbers when I decided to give her one of my networking cards instead... as soon as she saw the Forbes so said; Dimples: Your Forbes... I think we might all be related! Me: Why, you a Forbes. Dimples: Yer! Me: Were family babe... as I have a lot of Forbes family I don’t know. One which side is your Forbes Dimples: My dads, Clarendon. Jamaica 🇯🇲 Me: Omg, wow - without a doubt WE ARE Family 🙌And the rest is history 🙌 I honestly cannot believe that I went out to a local pub... down ‘Harrow Rd’ with £10 from my Universal Credit 🤦‍♀️to have 2 drinks 🍷 and get out from my room 🙄 with my ‘Acting’ Friend @deegrant and Bessie mate then end up leaving with a new Cuzie living in West and I am just so HAPPY... and Excited about getting to know more extended family. 🖤 God is so great... seriously! For what he has done for me this week in bringing these two fabulous, big hearted and real woman into my life... who I have so much in common with and so much to learn ☺️it’s exciting times ahead! Feeling BLESSED and so very GRATEFUL 🙏

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