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#God IS Great 🙏

@17:40pm - Just when I thought the last few days couldn’t get anymore better... I woke today (amen) with fabulous news from an ex-work colleague/friend. 🙏

A late 20s, young man from Pakistan 🇵🇰 who is hard-working and it was a PLEASURE working with him on a past project... within the Construction Industry

Unfortunately he had run into trouble... which took him on an adventure around Europe for 9mths and thank god, he has made it back!!! 

I couldn’t be happier 👏for him as he has not had it easy but god knows... he is a beautiful hearted man, who is hardworking and just wants a good, happy life here in #london 

I hope from here onwards life is great for him and he NEVER has to go through... all that he did this last mth, ever again. Amen 🙏 

Give Thanks Everyday ☺️


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