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In #LA ☀️ 7yrs Today

Wow... was just looking on 1 of my 2 FB profiles and saw this memory from 2011.

Black Hollywood Film Festival aka #bhff

This is what Me and Hannah flew over for to network and we had a fabulous time! 

LA is somewhere I’ve wanted to go for years... so to have finally made it (amen) at the age of 30 was ‘most def’ worth the wait! And 1 I can tick of the ‘Things 2 Do’ list 👏

Most def wasn’t long enough and still haven’t made it back there YET... but hope to get there again (next year) by Gods Grace with my friend/actress Dee 🙏

America has so much more opportunities for #blackpeople and between LA and Miami - I cannot get enough of the Fabulous heat! ☀️☀️

Here are some of the pics taken back then... 

Click👇Below 4 More Pics:

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