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#November - Quotes reflecting my Thoughts 💭

There is NOTHING worse than being a person full of ☹️ poor me, negative, childish, quick tempered, fly off the wall, attention seeking people!!!

Because EVERYONE has a story to tell, they have either been through it OR knows someone that has been through their own;

#trials&tribulations #hurt #pain #neglect #abuse #mental or #physical #raisedwith1parent #homelessness #incare

Whatever it is “deal with it” instead of making out others are to blame... because I know whatever I’ve been through - 


I’ve never been one to off-load my problems, my past on others - simply because I don’t want to be a burden NOR am I looking for any sympathy or anything that comes across as #poorme 🙄 

For me it’s just SO boring, 🤨time wasting and depressing... and have no time 4 these types of people;

HELL 2 The No

If you are one of these (POOR ME) people - ya need to fix up, not allow your past to beat you down, stop ✋ think 🤔 and reflect on #YOU 

But most of all Have no regrets for anything... because it was already written as part of your journey (when god created you) 🙏 AND there are far more worse-off people in the world 🌍 than you!!! 

So stop feeling sorry for yourself and make a change for the positive!

Have a blessed mth everyone 🙌

#thoughts #doingme #anikkaforbes #everyonehasastorytotell #yerisaidit

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