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😮Wow #RIP Dennis 🙏

@07:23am today... I had my ‘Birthday Twin’ aka the fab and beautiful Dion inform me of this sad news! Her brother Dennis had passed away... I jumped out in shock - having only left a message on her FB Page last night, telling her all would be fine. 😳

But the truth is;

“When #god is ready for you... there ain’t no prayer or anything that can stop you from leaving this world” 🌍! #RealTalk

Dennis was someone I saw a family and who I referred to as ‘uncle’ back in my Teens/Early 20’s (late 9Ts - 2001/2) 🙌 a humble man, who loved music and DJ’ing... that is/was how I remember him!

I am so glad... that I have these x2 photos from back in 2001 @ my baby brothers christening and from his wedding 🎩 day!

My heart goes out to all the family, friends, associates and anyone else that knows/knew him - And to my girl Dion... God has got u babe and your precious son Nathan (I’m sure) will look after him from above. Amen 🙏

#rip #farewell #sad #news #wow #condolences #family #friends #associates #gonebutnotforgotten #amen

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