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1st Time Live on Bigo


Today is the 1st Time i went Live on #Bigo @BIGOLIVEapp thanks to my Agent @tmatalentuk @helencasting4u 🙌‬ informing us all about it!

So I’m at home chilling, listening to music while on-line looking for new contracted work and checking my emails.  And just decided to go #live

In all honesty there is no reason for anyone to feel alone... with #apps like this around where u can talk, interact and video calls too to people all over the world! 

I got to speak to a few so far this morning but the best video call was with these 2 young guys who were all the way in Australia 🇦🇺 1 day ahead... like wow, they are in the future and I’m in the past! 

Time is soooo amazing. 

If your on Bigo... let’s connect or even talk Live 😬

‪ ‪ ‪

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