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R.I.P. Nan | HAPPY Birthday 2 Me

‪*‬ ‪*‬ ‪I give thanks 2 my great loving god for blessing me with another birthday, another year younger 😛 and first and foremost for my health and ability. #amen * 🙏 Great, Good or Bad... I’m ready for what this #new year has in store

1love all Capricorns‬


It’s now 13:30pm and I’m checking all my emails and social media (birthday wishes) THANK YOU all again 💚

And then it just hit me... this day is not only a birthday celebration but also the day that my Nan (mums-side) died 😔 and passed over to the next life.

My heart that was just filled with joy and happiness... has just turned sad 😢 while also understanding that today is also a CELEBRATION of her life.

Miss and love you nan... sorry I couldn’t come and lay some flowers at your grave today... but I will be sure to toast a drink 🥂for you and the greatest of all is that I have so many great memories of us together during the last 10yrs of your life.

Thank you god for these... priceless moments. Love you nan 💚


It’s 19:26pm and the only Birthday gift that I wanted was to see my 😘 Dad... and he is here 👏👏🙏 I’m sooooo happy, only god knows.

My birthday is complete 🖤

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