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Thurs 29th Jan '2009

I got up @05:40am today... had a shower and got sorted.

I made the 06:45am train and got into work at 07:05am It was great seeing Frank and Tony... but other than that I could have turned and walked out the door!!!

Shaun was off sick... nothing new!!!

Then I saw the man that I can’t stand (my boss) Mr Baker. 😏

I could just tell from his body language that he was so ‘PISSED’ at the fact that I didn’t contact him... to tell him why I was ‘off-sick’! Good... because his an ‘IDIOT’ 😡

I had nuff emails sitting in my inbox waiting for me to check and respond... then by midday I was cool and back to working while emailing between Aunty.Me, Tasha and Marika.

I left work @5pm... was home by 6pm when Terry aka Mr Riggs called to see how I was doing and catch-up with his business ideas.

Then out of the blue the little git said;


I’m going to talk to Danny...


Danny... who?


From Red Dwarf

I couldn’t help but laugh... as he was referring back to a past conversation we’d had where he was asking me about men etc.

I told him... I use to be involved with an Actor and some how he done his research and put (two and two) together. Little git... the world 🌍 is too small. 🤪

I had a voicemail...when I listened to it, it was from a lady called ‘Sarah’ from ITV calling me about my application for the Daytime TV Show ‘Golden Balls’... OMG, will call her first thing tomorrow 😁

Spoke to Tasha about Mr. Woods emailing again... so I put him straight for the last time and that is it!

Meeting Marika next Wednesday and Akos next Thursday.


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes

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