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THANK U | ‪@ItsEliOyefeso‬

Wow... I have just had this young man Elijah follow me and message me about (something) that has been of big interest to me for the last few years... TRADING

I’ve done a little trading, trying to teach myself with companies like;

• One, Two Trade

• Binary

Left, right and centre I’ve been having various companies emailing, calling me asking me to join their ‘Trading Teams’ where I can learn and earn at the same time. 

But because I’m more than aware that there are sooo many SCAMs wanting you to invest £250 or more (funds I don’t have spare) at this moment in time... plus even if I did I wouldn’t want to join company that I am not 💯 sure about or if their legit.

Anyway me and Elijah have just been exchanging messages... he sent me his link explaining more about his (zero to flying high) life change and not looking back... plus looked at his website too.

God is Great... that I know and he is the only one who knows how much I am in need/want to get my teeth into the Trading Industry while learning from the CERTIFIED BEST who want to teach, train others and welcoming you onto their team.

Then out of nowhere Elijah has followed me and made contact (what is the chances of that) the answer to that is... it wasn’t a chance it was my fabulous God who has brought him my way, because he is listening to me when I talk to him and answering my prayers by sending (great, likeminded) people my way.

🙏Amen, Amen, Amen 🙏 

Though I can’t join his team right now... as I have nothing 🙄😏😩 to invest TRUST ME I’m 💯💯💯💯 want to join, learn and earn (slowly, slowly) by Gods Grace 🙏

Then I can continue with having my Book #hiddenprincess re-edited professionally and get it published before the year is done... 

THIS is my MAIN ACHIEVEMENT for this year 2019... Published Author soon.🤞

So watch this space 😉

HUGH shout-out again to you Elijah... you’ve given me a new (ray of light) and feeling positive, I just need to continue with my 🤦‍♀️Positive Thinking (easier said than done) with the ‘Law of Attraction’ method

(ask, believe, receive) 

I know one day my struggles, hardship and many lows... will come to an end, I just need to continue being patient, stay focused and be prepared to ‘take a ‘small risk’ on something that I know I am meant to do.

#LADYOFVARIETY (all day, everyday)

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