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SAT 4th APRIL ‘2009:

We went swimming as usual and then I went to Catford High Street, to Motown Night Club to view Jimmy’s other flat (2 bed) which is next door to Del (older brother).

It’s a good size, though old fashioned in need of modernising but has great potential. I told him I wanted to move in, within the next mth. or two.

Went back to Mum’s and got started with the cooking... Mum done the ‘curry-goat and I done the fried chicken, while we were cooking ‘dial-a-ride’ knocked at the door and there was Nan sat waiting to come in and have her monthly day out from the Nursing Home with the family.

I helped Dom (cousin) with his CV then checked all my emails from last week. We all had something to eat, which everyone enjoyed. Then Ronald (mums’ boyfriend) told us about the owner at ‘Fuse Bar’ in Lewisham looking for Caterers. Then out of nowhere we thought about us making food (to order) for the ‘Fuse Bar’ and maybe even Motown... as and when people request it.

Mum thought of the name 'RNV Caterers' aka (Ronald, Nicky and Val) which we all loved.

Before I knew it, it was 18:30pm and I went upstairs to try on what I was going to wear again to the ‘World Sound Cup Clash’ for Pedro...who invited us to Model. Spoke to Hannah who was coming to pick me up after 8pm.

Kmt, I felt so... (out of shape and rubbish) I nearly didn’t go!!!

Hannah collected me and we made our way down to Brixton O2 Academy. It was an interesting night, Shaun (biker) was there... was nice to see him and the event didn’t start till about midnight.

Me and Hannah popped out to get more drink and throughout the whole night, we had 5 different people ask us if we were ‘sisters’ we do look-a-like... when both our hair is tied back in 1. Hannah kept complimenting me, after a few drinks. Lol!

I’m 100% sure she ‘swings both ways. #femalecrush #myview #yerisaidit

This pic above is of the fabulous, handsome, funny, down to earth, gent and a pleasure to have known... Ronald (mums' ex). Still can't believe that you have 'passed over' and I didn't even know, it hurts and would have most def been there to have paid my respects. I still believe you were 1 of the best things that happened to my mum and the family and will never forget you. Keep shinning above, until we meet again 1 day.xXx 😥


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes

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