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SUN 24th MAY ‘2009:

I got up at 9am today and decided that I was going to go with Mum and Aunty Pet up to Tricia’s House for Nathan’s 5th Birthday party.

So, I went in the bathroom to get washed and heard shouting... realised it was coming from Del’s flat (next door) he and Laura were arguing... dam fools!!

Then as I finished in the bathroom I went and had a look out of the living room window (on to the high street) and saw her leaving out of Del’s through the gates and headed back to the bedroom to get dressed.

I meet up with Mum and Aunty pet at the 185 bus stop @12pm and we made our way to Forest Hill station, got to East Croydon where the train was delayed (national rail)

We nearly headed back but ended up getting on the train @14:22pm and arrived at Tricia’s just after 3pm and watched the kids play🎈 and had a few drinks too.

Then Christine arrived... her and Mum went and had a smoke, then when Mum returned she told me that Christine wasn’t going to Sabrina’s 21st B’day party... due to a fall out with Bev.

Then we were all having a discussion and out of nowhere it turned to our (mother and daughter) relationship. We spoke about me being ‘Bullied’ at primary school and about Mum always 'putting her men' before me.... as well as never talking about her relationship (good or bad) with my dad.😳

And I just 'broke down crying' 😥from nowhere... couldn’t stop! I felt like I was in a ‘counselling session’ with Christine.

Then Mum broke down too a little after hearing a few ‘home truths’ which Aunty Marie agreed with too! Then Christine said;

You need to both talk about your feelings together

Mum agreed to have that convo with me but deep down... I know it will never happen and once we’d left Tricia’s the subject would all be forgotten.

Me, Mum and Lewis got a lift back to Catford with Christine, Gus and Patrick then I went straight home to get dressed.

Mum and Aunty pet got to mind after 11pm and we went and joined the birthday party 🎉celebration.! Sabrina looked lovely, so did Claire and the 😘bump. It was a nice night and it finished at 2am.

Jimmy’s son is sooo lovely!!!😍


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes

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