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It’s 23:34pm and I’ve sat on the no.18 Bus with my colleague Paul... as we’ve just finished working @WembleyStadium at the Bon Jovi concert. 

We both got to work in the Club Wembley level 2, for the 1st time today... 

The last 10mins of the concert was the BEST he played x2 of his top hit songs and I sang my heart out 😝 though I can’t remember which songs it was 🤣🤣

But it’s so NOT THE 1... finishing late because the traffic is Disgraceful 😏 so I’m not and back at work tomorrow but thank god, not until 13:30pm

Either way it was a good day and it’s been ages since I’ve worked inside... so no regrets.  

This is me and Paul on the bus... wishing the journey home is a speedy one. 🙏

#bonjovi #abouttoday #work #clubwembley #wembleystadium #concert #busy #bus #journeyhome

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