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Seeing His Glory | Thank U

Yesterday when I received this daily prayer while at work... I was thinking about all the times God has shown his presence in my life! 💯

Then on th way home I stopped into a shop, brought something for £2 and handed the man £10... why when I checked my change had he given me back £18 🙏

I could have told him he over changed me... but I don’t believe things like that ‘happen by mistake’ but because it’s an extra blessing and I simply said;

Thank You God ☺️... give thanks everyday


Seeing His Glory TODAY'S SCRIPTURE: Then Moses said, "Now show me your glory." Exodus 33:18, NIV TODAY'S WORD: Moses was talking to God and said, “God, show me Your glory.” God responded by saying, in effect, “Okay, Moses. I’ll show it to you, but you can’t see My face. The way you’ll know that I’ve been here is that you will see My goodness.” 

Whenever something good happens, large or small, God is saying, “That’s a sign of My presence.” If you’re seeing goodness in your life, you’re seeing God. You’re seeing a sign of His presence. I’m convinced that we see God at work all day long, but many times we don’t recognize it. Today, be on the lookout for God’s goodness. Thank Him and praise Him for the little things as well as the big things. As you acknowledge His goodness, you’ll see Him more clearly and know His love in ways you never have before. PRAYER FOR TODAY: Father, thank You for Your goodness and faithfulness in my life. Show me Your glory; show me Your love. Help me to see You and know You more every day in Jesus’ name. Amen. 

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