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THURS 8th AUG ‘2019: Today while at work doing security on the ‘Blue Road’ talking with Mr Loc-A-Licious 🤤 we had (in the space of an hour) 4 sets of Twins walk past us and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing... as that is a first! But deeper than that it’s (I know) a sign from God as to what is to come as I’ve always believed that I’m destined to have TWINS one day 🙏 by Gods Grace 🙏 I have twins in my dads side (aunt and uncle) are twins and no one out of my Dads 6 sisters and 1 brother have had twins and me being the 1st grandchild out of 16... I have just always felt that I would AND had it confirmed back in my 20’s by 1 of my Tarot Card readers who saw within my future cards that I would have TWINS 🙌 So only time will tell... but I know it’s already written and having God send the sign in 4 sets (1 set first, then 3 mums together each with a set of twins) was like the heavens saying to me (us) 😛 this is what you will have 1 day. 💯 Thanks you for the insight Jesus Christ/God your vision was well received and you always do it on time... when a certain person is beside me. ☺️ I See You 🙏

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