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I give thanks to God for blessing me with another year... 39, wow! Nearly 40 and still trying to improve myself, learn and decide what I am doing with myself (sad but true).

Loved my creative self portrait photo that I filtered, no matter your age we must love ourselves and body... artistic nude!!! #

But I have my health and ability which is the main thing but I want to do more with myself and going to try and do as much as that this year onwards... I need to not be so hard on-myself as I DID finally accomplish my teenage vision of writing and becoming an author YAY!!

So I a proud and received great feedback too, just need Amazon Reviews and now I have created a comments section on my website tab #TJOAHP as I know people have been having issues commenting via amazon.

The review I received via FB from a family friend in her 20's was the best birthday gift I could have hoped for, thank you again T.x

All in all let see what I can accomplish and be proud of this year 2020...

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