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Sharing #tb memories from my priceless #SELD (South-East London Dayz) with my Mum, Siblings, Nan, Aunts, Cousins, Niece, Bro! All the #forbes mums side of the family tree. ❤️🔥🙏


YR | 2009

SUN 23rd SEP ‘2009

@15:00pm At home listing to TUNES for the ‘Mature Ravers’ via my playlist 👇

@thechatbackshow ~ Mature Ravers 🔥🔥

Anyway, as always, I start doing one thing, then get distracted by doing something else, lol 🙄.

Right now, I’m meant to be recording, editing and uploading my Diaries via my IG profile; 👇

IG: @TheLICDiaries-AkA and One of my YouTube channels; 👇 

YouTube: @TheLICDiariesAkA 📚📚

But I got sidetracked by two black bags from my #southeastlondondayz, which were in #storage, and I have yet to go through them. Until now!!! 

The 1st bag had a few of my #teddies 🐶 and things like #bithdaygifts from my #21st and #30th

I opened the 2nd bag... which had a few sentimental bits I had taken from my Nan's room at the Nursing Home... after she passed away! 😞

Most things were photos that I’d taken over the years... so one day, when chilling with my nan in her room, I wasn’t feeling how dry her four walls were (even more so the ones above her head), so decided the next time I came to visit her.

I’d bring a variety of family pics and stick them at the side (eye view) so when she was lying down... instead of staring up at the empty ceiling 😳 she could look to the right side of her and see familiar faces of #family and #friends... 🙏 Here are some pics I just came across from the #blackbag with some of my nan's things... miss and love 💖 u, Nan. x

The last pic... is 3 of my nans (daughters), i.e. my #mum and two #aunts, which I took back in, I think 🤔 2007/8 for their birthdays!  

One thing that no one can disagree on is that these three #sisters have always known how to throw a #fab #houseparty 👌💃💯it’s from them... that my 💚for #music #loversrock #reggae #raregrooves #revivals #variety of #songs 🎶 comes from them. 🙌 Though we can’t choose our family... but watching #kuwtk I #love the closeness, love and fun all siblings have with each other and their #yummymummy it’s #priceless as is anyone’s family (not in the public eye) whose family is similar...

I #envy you 💯#realtk simply because I never got to have that sibling-bond 🤷‍♀️ 

But hey,

“shit happens”

All I can hope is that maybe I’ll be able to create that with my own... s