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This blog is dedicated to my Nan, who was born in 1927 and died on my birthday, Jan 12th, back in ‘2012. Sharing a variety of pics, footage and audio of our time together with family during her North Peckham Estate day and the last 10yrs of her life, living in Nursing Homes. Priceless Memories



TUES 1st MARCH ‘2023

Wishing my Nan a happy Birthday



1st MARCH ‘2020:

Hope you have a splendid day up in the #heavens

This is #1 of my fav #tb #pics taken of her during her Nursing home days back in South London 😍 Miss you, Love you, Thinking of you always.x

#happybirthday 😘 #nan #today 🎂



1st MARCH ‘2019

Today, had she still been alive 😔 my nan (mum's side) would have been celebrating her 90th birthday today. xXx

I have just found footage that was recorded when she was in the #nursinghome on Fri 6th Jan ‘2012, 6 days before she passed away. It breaks my heart 💔 to know that I did not record this last moment for longer. 😢 Something is better than nothing.🙏

Monday 9th Jan ‘2012, she had been admitted to hospital for a urine infection, I went both days to visit her on Tues 10th & Wed 11th to tell her I wouldn’t be coming on Thursday because it was my birthday... so I would be back on Friday!

I can’t believe it’s 6yrs since she passed away on 12th Jan, my 31st Birthday!! 🥺 A day that I will NEVER forget and cherish every year... because only she and my fabulous God know how much she meant to me.💖

I am thankful, grateful and happy I got to know, and spend quality time with her and have so many, never seen, priceless memories of our time together during the last 10yrs of her life living within a Nursing Home.

No matter her bad, wicked, and unkind treatment towards me in my younger years, I understand and forgave her years ago. I will never forget and have ‘no regrets’ because no one is ‘perfect’ and the experience was meant to be part of my life journey. 💯

There is always a deep story behind every person that comes across as either (Cold, Mean, Unempathetic, Wicked or Reserved) to name a few! No one is born ‘BAD’ it stems from their damaging childhood which affects them. #Facts

Nan, whatever you are doing up above... I hope you have a Splendid day in heaven. Love and miss u so much. x

#happybirthday #nan #90th #celebration #love #vlog #blog




This day back in 2012 my beautiful and precious Nan, passed away... on my Birthday 💔and cannot believe it’s been 6yrs already!

There is not a day that goes by when she is not in my thoughts and even more so on this particular day... as it’s both mixed emotions of happiness for seeing another year 🙏🏾 and also sadness as I miss her so much.😘

I know she watching over me, keeping me safe and proud of me too and my birthdays will always be a celebration for both our lives... we will meet again 1

💚Love you Nan... always and forever. Cheers 🥂to us.☺️



THURS 2nd FEB ‘2023:

11yrs today! How time flies, 11yrs today since you were laid to rest. 🕊️ Continue shining down on me from above and remember I love and miss you always. 😘


SAT 2nd FEB '2019:

It’s 09:50 am and I’m sitting on my bed thinking about today when my Nan was laid to rest... having passed away on the 12th Jan (my birthday) 💚😢😘

I can feel her shining 🌞down on me RIGHT NOW through my window... as I’m writing this. 

I FEEL YOU... Nan ☺️

Only God knows how much I miss and love you 😘 but I know you happy, safe and watching over/protecting me... alongside all my other Grandparents. 🖤

I may no longer have a ‘LIVING’ grandparent but I know that you are all Blessing, Protecting and Wanting the best for me (and I)


Toast a drink 🥃 up in heaven for me... too.x