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Yesterday while checking out Twitter I saw this Tweet from Chloe from (TOWIE) responding to someone who just wants to spread negativity. Kmt!!!

I don’t watch TOWIE really, but my only TOP fav ladies from it are Chloe Sims, Gemma Collins and Amy Childs 💁‍♀️

I responded to the Tweet (as shown above) to let her know to NOT entertain them... though I know myself and I’d probably (bite back to) at the haters 😏

Anyway I got a notification to say... Chloe had ‘liked’ my tweet and so I’m dedicating this blog post to her to say;

“Thank You 4 The Like” and again #ImAFan 💯

#thankyou #thankyou #Chloesims #towie #like #haters #tweet #imafan #today

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