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Updated: Jan 2

Sun 25th Dec '2022.

Happy Xmas to you, I hope whatever ur doing and whoever your with you have yourself a good time.

I'm at home in this whole house alone for the first time in 5yrs and 9mths since I moved here. And what a house-share full of variety housemates.

This house was certainly like a Big Brother House and seen it's fair share of fun, games, drama and obsessive men which certainly brought even more variety.

Today was a day I loved and cherished but not for the last 11yrs, but hopefully it won't be forever.🙏

At least I have #tb memories from all my past xmases, that I managed to capture. Priceless memories. 🤗

I give thanks for seeing another Xmas and hope to be blessed with many more along with great health and ability. 🙏Amen🙏