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Sharing my thoughts and views on the Soaps, Films, Series that I have watched and luv or like!

Are you a fan of any of these?



Thurs 26th Jan ‘2023:

Congratulations to Lola and J for getting married, till death will they part unfortunately maybe sooner rather than later! 😢

I hope they have a long time together and that 'C’ 👿 won't win. 🙏



Tues 2nd Aug ‘2022:

Just watched Thursday’s #EastEnders tried not 2 but 2 good!

Well done to #phil for having that much needed ‘heart 2 heart’ with Ben 🙏& 4 dashing out that backstabbing, waste-gyal #sam

#kmt Family, most certainly can be your worst enemy! 😏 @bbceastenders #04082022




Thurs 28th July ‘2022:

Its 21:39pm and I am sat on my sofa bed watching today's #eastenders #part2 😞

Honey is such a lovely, calm and caring character. As you know she has been in a relationship for awhile with Jay, I think they look lovely together and have nothing but love.

I give ratings to Honey for speaking her truth by letting Jay know that; she really loves him but she's gotta let him go!

Age is not the factor (as such) as it's just a number! One of them has been there and done it... plus the spending #qualitytime is something they both admitted has stopped!

They feel for each other, had a relationship and its end, not because of anyone else simply because; they want different things.

Lovely couple while they lasted!

Question is will Honey get back with Billy and Jay with Lola. 🤷‍♀️

Will always be a bug fan of Eastenders 🥳



FRI 31st JAN ‘2020:

OMG... today’s episode of Emmerdale was 💔 breaking, seeing Marlon having his bail rejected and his face.😩

Little April... gosh how big she is growing! I remember when the little darling was a likkle little thing, I admire child actors and how they just can’t make acting look so easy. Lol

Boi, I’m curious to see how this story is going to play out with Piers being back but no one is any the wiser... Graham has only been dead a few days and I’m already missing him.  

He was a great character and wish they hadn’t killed him off as he was great eye candy too. 🤤

Well, we will see how this story unfolds over the next few wks/mths! #ImAFan

#review #emmerdale #31012020 #friday31stJanuary2020 #marlon #court #sad #anikkaforbes #today #friday



FRI 5th OCT ‘2018 @14:50pm 

Eastenders last night... 🤦‍♀️ Tif,.. having to learn the hard way! 

She was warned but thought she knew better (as teenagers do) and was too ‘inna’ the boy, vex that he had a next girl #helping him... so decided she’d look after the 🤣#sims not realising its #drugs now look 🤷‍♀️

But my heart nearly jumped out of my skin and i was thinking "NO" don't be throwing ANY down that sink!!!  Because that would have been the biggest and most dangerous thing / experience in her life.

I think this episode, would have been a great eye opener to many young girls watching and they kept it #real so it was all good!!! 

💚 #tiffany aka #actress @maisie_smith_ she’s so cute, with a little naughty but nice attitude and is Soooo much like her screen #mum Bianca aka @patsypalmerx 😍 when she was growing-up on the square ✔️

As for #Sharon and #Keanu... boi they better enjoy it while it lasts!  Because when #phil finds out will it be #dramas or will he tell Keanu to keep her 🤔🤷‍♀️🤣

Sharon couldn’t believe her👂when she heard him say he was only 19 😛 but then she realised that he is too #faw (fine as wine)🍷to not continue... getting the 🤫 #servicingservicing 😬 from this #sexy #strong #firm & #solid Young Man (in his late) #teens 👈 

She is a #milf in her eliment but whose phone 📞 dialled someone while she was having some #nookie - Question is “Who was the unfortunate receiver” 

#eastenders #05102018 #storyline #friday #interesting #real #true #drugs #teens #young #innocent #scared #blog #myview #anikkaforbes #writter #blogger #soaps #paidsurveys #marketing #tv #females