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Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Sat 9th July:

Today I went back to my old endz of south-east London.. due to my cuzie B holding a surprise gathering for her Dads 92nd birthday.

A big thanks to Bowza for lending me his car, as going back to South-East I tend not to do unless I have a car... so much appreciated. My Bessie mate Christian came with me which was nice, though I was not impressed at having to turn back around due to him leaving his phone! 😑

I was blasting the rare-groves tunes while driving and we were both singing along... bad tunes!

We got there (to Greenwich Park) at nearly 4pm, as I was near to pulling up Cuzie B called to see where I was and I informed her I wasn't far away. As we were approaching I saw my mum (who was leaving) with the others while saying goodbye to my cuzie Silburn.. who shouted out

"Look there's your daughter"

Mum looked around surprised and I said

"Hi Mum and gave her a hug"

She said something along the lines of

"Oh my god, I didn't expect to see you here / I didn't know you were coming. Nice to see you and we will catch up but I've got to go as it is my great-grandson's birthday party and obviously being the great-grandma I have to be there".

So we said bye and she left and I went to see/meet other family members.

Christian came over to me a little baffled as he mentioned when he was saying Hi to my mum she responded;

"your still around"

Really! Even I am confused about what she meant by that and I am sure I will get to ask her at some point. 🤔

I was shocked when Cuzie B and her sister, told me her dad kept calling my name (wow), I haven't seen him since 2005 but have spoken a few times. I am honoured that he remembers me. 💖

I went straight over and greeted him with a big hug and kiss, he looks so well... god is great.

Plus I got to meet new family members and found out that I have family members with the surname;

- Brown (connected to Forbes)

Alongside Forbes, Coley... the family is so big.

The few hours there were just so lovely, the sun was beaming, the kids were running about playing, food and drink were flowing and the vibes were just positive and fab.

Thank you again Cuzie

FOOTAGE via TIKTOK (click link below)

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