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HAPPY 40th B'DAY 2Me

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

I give thanks to God for blessing me with a new year, age, and decade.

I am humbly grateful for my great health and ability, for the roof over my head, for working and life in general... even during my low times! To get myself focused on what I want to do with myself, by God's Grace.

Thank you Boo, for a lovely 1st half of my b'day spent with you plus the Champs and pressies. Big kiss.xx

Thanks, Dad for coming and spending the other half of my b'day with me and the pressies too! Nuff love to both of these men.

Thank you to my Cuzie for her beautiful and meaningful words... my 1st electronic card 😍love it.

Thank you all for your birthday messages that you sent me,much appreciated.x

Fathers Daughter 🥰

From my Cuzie 😘

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