• Anikka Forbes


Omg... When I say GOD always answers ur prayers, if you ‘pray and believe’ 🙏AMEN🙏

No to mention listening daily to the incredible Prophet/Pastor Shepherd Bushiri. Click the link below, if you would like to learn more about this amazing man of god! 🤗


I have been asking him to show me the Vision of what he has laid out for me, help me to know what to do with all the fab raw written material I have which is CRYING out for me to do something great!

I‘ve already been tying them out in script form and had the idea of what I’d like to create but money was the factor as it costs to invest in yourself and project!

But WHY have I just come across a FABULOUS creation which will now make my idea 💡 a Reality... omg EXCITED.com


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