• Anikka Forbes


Sun 21st May ‘22:

Today is the last day with my 4 Godsons (4Ts). T2 (likeable darling) offered to help me make the breakfast for him and his brothers... too cute and funny.

Only God knows how much I LOVE my #godsons and feel honoured to have them in my life.

I wish to God I still had my #WelshBabies (niece and nephew) present in my life! I've not seen them since Feb' 2018, and not a day goes past when I do not think of them. 🥹

What can you do when they have been removed from your life. Due to a fall out with their Mum. 🤷‍♀️ I will never agree with parents who use children as punishment.

They are not getting younger, only older, and maybe one day, they will reach out to me. If not, at least I still have memories of them in photos and videos to remember them. Love you both Malaika (8) and Jaylan (7) 😘😘

Here is the #KitchenBigBrogher footage of our morning 😘🤗😂 me T2 and T4.

Love you boys, and a BIG #thankyou to my beautiful Cuzie Claire (Yummy Mummy) for keeping them present in my life, for reaching out whenever needed or to have the boys.

Most of all, for giving me this responsibility of being her precious children's godmother / #aunty

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