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So here is me wearing my 1st official Purple Underwear from #loungeunderwear and love it! It's comfy, lovely material and a sexy colour too!

A belated birthday present to myself brought with money that my beautiful Cuzie gave me 🤗 #thankyou

“Love The Skin Ur In” I say, no matter your age! Taking photos in your underwear is not for everyone... but for me it's nothing new! Just because I am now 40, nothing else has changed for me apart from my age so still as comfortable in my skin as if I were in my teens. 💯

Obvs, I miss my curvy size 12 and still cannot believe I'm a size 10 (night work, body messiah and lack of appetite) these 3 have most def contributed to my weight loss 🤷‍♀️ but hey “it is what it is”.

I don't buy #underwear often but needed to get new bras due to me also losing weight in my bust 🤦‍♀️ (my girls) are no longer a 34GG but a 30F #wow what a drop 😂 that's what happens when you drop a size! So no longer as #bustylicious as I use to be... but their real and still more than a handful 🤪 #yerisaidit

Check out Loungeunderwear on #instagram as they have lovely underwear!

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