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MON 25th MAY ‘2009:

Here is my 10yr throwback on this day!

I woke up today thinking it was late, like early afternoon and was shocked to see that it was 9a. I’d only slept for 6hrs and already I was up wide awake.

I went toilet, had a drink then decided to lay down in the living room for a few hours and ended up waking back up after 1pm.

I spoke to Mum briefly, she was just taking it easy too...

Then I received a text from Shaun (colleague) at the Skanska project #metoo

He told me that he had been made redundant last Friday along with Dave Allan. I know they must have been pissed when they were told... but at least they got to say Goodbye to everyone, unlike me!

Dun, sent me a text to see how I was doing...

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