• Anikka Forbes

Soul Mate Finally

What can I say except God Is Great, along with all his challenges that he presented me with there were only 2 options do as most would do 'run' or do as I do 'get the facts' then decide!

But you know when your falling for someone when their absence is making your heart do overtime but more so when the norm of 'sex' is not yet a factor only a connection that is bigger and deeper than anything I have experienced before and my 'heart of heart' telling me that this man IS the '1 and Only' that I have been praying for, for so many years. Amen

Now as I'm about to leave my 30's I see that my time for happiness, unconditional love, affection, contentment, fun times, realness and the rest but above all of this feeling and knowing that this man isn't like any others, he is unique in the fact that we mirror each other as were so alike, we just FIT in every way perfectly it's beautiful scary but boi does he make me so #HAPPY and in such a short space of time it's like WOW because we are #Aligned #soulmates who have finally been placed together by the wonderful almighty #god #thankyou #amen #newrelationship #love #new #nickyforbes #anikkaforbes #realtalk

Love this pic taken the other day #when2become1 #lovetheblackness🖤 #melanin #pda #holdinghands #blm #shadesofblack #couple #together #superman #nails #tattoo

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