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It's no secret that I have my issues with #tiktok and their double standards but luv the variety that the app has which is why I continue to use it.

These are a variety of posts, new, deleted and re-posted, rants and more. Tap to watch!

WED 18th JAN ‘2023

MON 16th JAN ‘2023

Who would have thought my Curry Goat upload would get sooo much attention 🤣.

CLICK PIC 2 watch it and part 2 & 3 uploaded too!

SAT 14th JAN ‘2023

WED 28th DEC '2022

TUES 27th DEC '2022

SUN 25th DEC ‘2022

WED 21st DEC ‘2022

20th DEC ‘2022

TUES 7th SEP ‘2021

WED 27th JULY ‘2022

We are certainly 2 of a kind! Here is our 1st of many #tiktok videos done late afternoon today. An Introduction to #BatteeandBench #NickyandChristian

TUES 8th MARCH ‘2022

WED 12th JAN ‘2022: Birthday Girl 🎉

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