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Xmas day has been 'non-existent' to me since 2011, the last time spent with any of my Immediate family.

Christmas is about being with your family, loved ones or kids and I miss it or what use to be! Life, none of us know what it has in store for us but what we do all know is... we have 1 life!

Though I did get to spend this special day with him and his family and it was lovely. Thank you all again for the invite!

While coming to the end of this year... seeing how the world we once knew has changed, feeling like I am in a movie when out in public due to everyone being masked-up and scared to go next to one another.

What is the world coming too! Only god knows and shall REBUKE the evil that is trying to destroy our world. #myopinion

I will be hitting a new mile-stone (by gods grace) in 2wks time... fresh in the new year, I will turn 40! I pray to go my 40's will be full of continued great health and ability, financially stable, career or reality opportunities along with finding the man for me (soulmate) that is meant to be and children. Amen

Thank you god for continuing to watch over me and rebuking anything that was not sent from you. Amen

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