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Updated: Mar 2

08.02.2016: Sharing uploads from my YT Channel which I have either unlisted, deleted or reposted on a blog. Plus I may share new uploads too, as my channel is full off too much 🙈 variety and I want to scale it down to just; 🤔 Animation | Games | Real Talk - I think! 🤣

Then the rest of my video I will make unlisted and share them as blogs instead. Trying something new. 🤷‍♀️ Let's see how I get on 🤞



MAY 31st ‘2020:

A BIG thank you to the Marketing Team via Fiverr for helping to promote my YT Channel. You were superb. A Big Thank You to, all who have watched, liked, commented and subscribed.

Happy Days 🤗

#anikkaforbesyoutubechannel #Marketing #Team #fiverr #1k


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